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Welcome to your LAMC History 12!



MyHistoryLab CourseCompass combines easy-to-use, interactive multimedia resources for students with a powerful, nationally hosted course management system. Students may register for their instructors particular course. To register for an instructor's course, a student will need a MyHistoryLab access code (available either shrinkwrapped with a new text or as part of MyHistoryLab Xpress) or to purchase access online (see our First-Time Users page - http://www.ablongman.com/myhistorylab/first-time-students.html


The clothbound text for this course is Carnes, Mark, and John Garraty, THE AMERICAN NATION, Vol. 2, 12th edition, published by Pearson Longman, copyright 2007, published 2006. 479 pages (numbered 424 - 903).


Course ID: behling33159


MyHistoryLab CourseCompass

Student Registration

History 12: Pol. & Soc History of the U.S. Since 1865

Before You Begin

To register for MyHistoryLab CourseCompass you will need:


 A “Course ID” provided by your instructor: behling33159

 Your Textbook and MyHistoryLab Version (choose version 2.0): __MyHistoryLabCourseCompass 2.0________

 Your school’s zip code: _91342________

 A MyHistoryLab CourseCompass student access code (packaged with your new text or available for purchase at www.myhistorylab.com).


In addition, your instructor may also provide you with:

 A “Class ID” to use after you’ve registered for your

course : cm813378



1. Enter http://www.myhistorylab.com in your Web Browser.

2. Click Students under “First-time users.”

3. If you have your access code and Course ID, click MyHistoryLab CourseCompass.

4. Scroll to the textbook for your class and click the appropriate version –MyHistoryLab 1.0 or MyHistoryLab 2.0 – as directed by your instructor. If you are not sure which version to select, ask your instructor.

5. Select No, I am a New User and enter your Access Code in the fields provided.

6. Enter your School Zip Code, select your Country, and click Next.

7. Enter your Course ID and click Next.

8. Enter your Name and Email and select Your School.

9. Create your Login Name and Password, answer the Security Question, and click Next.


If successful, you will receive a Confirmation Screen with your information (this information will also be emailed to you)


Logging in

1. Enter http://www.myhistorylab.com in your Web Browser.

2. Under “Returning Users” click MyHistoryLab CourseCompass.

3. Enter the Login Name and Password you created and click “Log In.”

4. You will see your Course listed under Courses You Are Taking. Click on this link to access your online course and see your course Announcements.


Accessing MyHistoryLab resources & joining a class

IMPORTANT: On your Announcements page, you may be asked to “continue your registration.” This one-time process is required to make sure you can access all your resources in MyHistoryLab.

1. Click the big yellow STUDENTS button.

2. Read the info, and then click the “complete your registration” link. Note: Although you will only need to do this once, the big yellow buttons will remain on your Announcements page.

3. Follow the registration screens, clicking NEXT.

4. You will see a Class Confirmation page:

 If your instructor gave you a “Class ID,” click the “Join a class” button, enter your “Class ID” (looks like cm123456), and then follow the prompts.


 If you do not have your “class ID” at this time, or don’t know if you need one, check with your instructor. Once you have it, simply log in to your CourseCompass course, click into any activity in the MyHistoryLab (MHL) area, and look for any “Join a Class” tab on the top navigation of MyHistoryLab. Click a “Join a Class” tab, enter your Class ID, and follow the prompts to enroll in your instructor’s “Grade Tracker” grade book!

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